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YouTuber and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has responded after private images of him appear to have been ‘leaked’ online.

Cenat has threatened to take the person who posted them to court after it seems a previous guest who visited his house shared messages and images of him on social media.

It’s alleged by Cenat that the woman who ‘leaked’ the content has accused him of not paying “hush money” which is why the content was posted.

On a recent stream, Cenat’s demeanour seemed mostly calm as he said he would see the woman responsible “in court”.

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During the stream, he said: “There’s some dumb st, clout-chasing weird-a s**t going on right now bro but it’s alright though.

“I’ll see you in court,” he sings before laughing, adding: “Got you.”

Cenat then said: “And you know what’s so crazy? Do you know that s**t was in the beginning of 2023?

“All that st I see right now is 2023 st bro, you feel me?”

Cenat also alleges the woman took pictures of him naked without his consent and that she has been blackmailing him.

He also says he paid $50 for an Uber for the woman.

It’s during this segment he seems to be more agitated and upset when speaking.

Another video from the stream also seems to show him smoking a cigar while dancing about the prospect of taking the case to court.

At the time of writing, Kai Cenat has more than 11.5m followers on TikTok, almost 10m subscribers on Twitch where he regularly streams and 9.3m followers on Instagram.

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