FaZe Jarvis Twitter Video

A video has gone viral on the internet featuring content creator FaZe Jarvis accidentally exposing his meat while lying in bed during a live stream.

The viral clip shows him exposing his private parts on camera when suddenly he is ambushed as a friend walks in on him, informing him he is live streaming.

The clip is currently spreading on various social media platforms, garnering attention from the netizens.

This is not the first time FaZe has become the center of debate, in the past, FaZe Jarvis has made headlines, all for the wrong reasons.

Watch Faze Jarvis Viral Video

During the early days of the Battle Royale game, he was regarded as the most popular content creator.

However, in the last few years, he has made several mistakes that have significantly degraded his career.

His controversies range from being permanently banned from Fortnite to committing a cryptocurrency scam.

FaZe Jarvis first came into the limelight when he started live-streaming Epic Games’ Battle Royale on his channel.

Soon, he began gaining thousands of followers on his YouTube live streams and videos.

But his success was cut short when he released a video showing him using cheat codes or hacks in the Fortnite game.

Due to this, the company permanently banned him from playing the game. Since then, he has rarely been seen live streaming.

In November 2023, a Fortnite creator, SypherPK, did a live stream with Jarvis to talk about his return to playing the Fortnite game.

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