The Grace Boor Toothbrush Video refers to a rumored viral video leak allegedly showing Ryan Garcia’s ex, TikTok influencer and OnlyFans model Grace Boor (@graceboor_), pleasuring herself with an electric toothbrush. The video spread in mid-2024 and gained increased awareness after Boor appeared on an Adin Ross Kick stream with Charleston White and the chat kept spamming the red toothbrush emoji causing White and Ross to question Boor about it.

On April 28th, 2024, Grace Boor was on Adin Ross’ Kick stream with Charleston White. The full stream was posted to the YouTube channel Adin Live, receiving over 153,000 views in a month. At the video’s 1:46:24-minute mark (shown below), White notices the chat spamming toothbrush emojis and the two question Boor about it who responds, “Don’t ask.”

Throughout Boor’s appearance on the stream, users in the chat allege that a video exists of her pleasuring herself with an electric toothbrush. Users in the chat spammed links to the X account @chap00001 whose post was deleted along with their account being suspended for violating X’s community guidelines. Although unconfirmed, the deleted tweet was the likely source of the alleged video’s leak, which purportedly originated via Grace Boor’s private OnlyFans page.

Later on April 28th, 2024, TikToker @abdenrose posted the clip from the stream, receiving roughly 11.3 million plays and 627,200 likes in a month.

Also, during the stream on April 28th, Ross posted to his secondary X account @AR15thed3mon, writing, “Ohhhh nahhhh,” receiving over 1,300 likes in a month (shown below). X users in the replies believed that Ross was referencing the toothbrush video.


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