Markiplier tiktok filter

Markiplier TikTok Filter le*k, also known as Markiplier Sraka Filter Controversy and sometimes misspelled as Sarka Filter, refers to an expl*cit image showing YouTuber Markiplier’s genitalia through a 777 filter on TikTok, which emerged in early May 2024. The filter notably features Discord’s mascot “Wumpus” and was quickly removed from the platform as it went viral, sparking a series of engagement bait content in which people shared their reactions after seeing Markiplier’s penis. The expl*cit picture of Markiplier is fake and comes from the Twitter / X account editlux, most likely posted in June 2019, which was created using AI and deepfake applications.

On May 5th, 2024, TikTok user @pilsudskidog created a 777 filter on TikTok asking the viewer to choose between an animated version of Disccord’s mascot Wumpus or Markiplier, however, when they choose one photo, the other switches to a p*rn*graphic image of the YouTuber. The filter, called “sraka filter” and sometimes “sarka filter,” was quickly removed from TikTok but X user @Tonedpickle posted an video showing the alleged le*ked image (c*ns*red image shown below), which received roughly 67,000 views and 690 likes in a day.

Markiplier tiktok filter le*k

One of the earliest viral videos about the 777 Markiplier filter was posted by TikTok user @blank_soup a few hours after @pilsudskidog uploaded it on the platform. The video (shown below), showing her reaction to the Rule 34 image, amassed over 13 million plays and 699,000 likes in a day.

The earliest post featuring the Markiplier’s deepfake expl*cit nude was posted on the adult forum LPSG by user @MDagg77 on June 9th, 2019, which features the watermark editlux, a Twitter / X account dedicated to AI and deepfake p*rn*graphic images featuring celebrities.

Markiplier’s “sraka filter” quickly went viral on TikTok as people posted reaction videos and memes while the filter was still available on the platform. For example, on May 5th, 2024, TikTok user @poppypokemon151 posted a video of her reacting to the “777 Markiplier” filter (seen below, left), amassing more than 2 million plays and 2,300 likes in a day. On the same day, TIkTok[4] user @badgyalken posted a similar POV video about the filter (seen below, right), which received roughly 162,000 plays and 400 likes in a day.

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